Safety Assessments

Safety Assessments

We solve safety concerns.

When people lose their ability to live safely because of physical or cognitive limitations, we can help. We conduct safety assessments. We visit homes, check for safety concerns, and make recommendations for solutions, including referrals to trusted resources.

Many people lose strength, balance, and endurance as they age and are at risk for falls. There are different causes for this and we address them during our visit.

We know the best accommodations.

As part of safety assessments, we recommend accommodations in the home to help a person live safely and comfortably.   Our recommendations are specific to the situation and needs and can include:

  • Getting home physical therapy
  • Adding grab bars in key locations
  • Special equipment
  • Securing rugs
  • Outlining stairs
  • Removing or rearranging furniture
  • Remodeling a first floor space to include a shower

There are many factors that we consider when doing a safety assessment.

When bedrooms are on the second floor, stairs can be a real obstacle. Low vision, poor hydration, pain, fatigue, loss of physical strength and oxygen use are other contributing factors that can affect getting around independently and safely.

Cognitive impairment can make using a stove or microwave oven unsafe. Impulsiveness, lack of safety awareness, physical limitations, and even the inclination to leave the house alone are worrisome and require strategic intervention.

Another aspect of safety is being able to get out of the house and call for help in case of emergency. Our safety assessments consider whether the client can summon help in case of a fall, get down stairs and out of the house in case of a fire, recognize the smell of gas, or hear an intruder.

We evaluate infection control including:

  • Laundering soiled linens properly
  • Managing food that requires refrigeration
  • Eliminating out of date food
  • Spoiled food sitting out

We identify and remove obstacles.

Identifying obstacles to safety, and finding the best accommodation for life style, budget, needs, and preferences, contributes to quality of life and graceful aging.

As we age, we change. Our safety assessments identify challenges as they emerge and find the right solutions to promote safety, autonomy and dignity.


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